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Release 1st full version
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Language English
Developer Omar Adam Ayaita
Requirements Microsoft Windows


A simulation of evolutionary game theory, based on different articles, especially: Gale, John; Kenneth G. Binmore; Larry Samuelson (1995): Learning To Be Imperfect: The Ultimatum Game. Games and Economic Behavior 8(1): 56-90 (link).

The evolutionary mechanism is now applied to three different games: not only the ultimatum game but also the generosity game and the envy game. For each game, a more complex version and a "minigame" version are included. Furthermore, a three-person version of the ultimatum game is included.

The evolution of strategies that depend on each other is calculated and visualized step by step. Suitable for presentations and interested students.

The important parts of the source code can be seen here.

This software is the technical basis of the master thesis "Bridging the Gap between Theory and Experiment: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretical Approach to the Ultimatum, Generosity, and Envy Game" by Omar Adam Ayaita at the University of Tübingen in 2015.